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TermoVana Desire 9 Range Cooker

Pellet Range Cooker | 9kW | Silent Function | Airtight | Ductable This ductable Termovana Desire 9 pellet cooker is the perfect built-in solution for your compact kitchen. Its modular dimensions allow easy insertion, and its top-notch technical features make it a high-quality product for both cooking with the maxi oven and heating, with ducting to adjacent rooms. Now, seamlessly integrate the stove into your own kitchen cabinet for a complete kitchen setup.

TermoVana Desy 9 Range Cooker

Pellet Range Cooker | 9kW | Silent Function | Airtight | Ductable Introducing the new-generation Termovana Desy 9, high-performance pellet cooker. Its compact size makes it adaptable to any space, offering maximum reliability for heating and cooking with a maxi oven reaching 230°C. Enjoy front or ducted heat distribution to adjacent rooms. Cleaning is made easy with the cast-iron top plate and extractable oven. With automatic programming and a spacious pellet tank, enjoy extended operating autonomy

TermoVana Fine 14.3 Slimline

Slimline Pellet Stove | 13kW | Silent Function | Airtight | Ductable | Cast Iron Brazier Introducing the Termovana Fine, a new-generation pellet stove that effortlessly combines impressive power with modern aesthetics. Its angular insert creates a unique and captivating design, accentuated by charming details like a cast iron top, rounded edges, and a stylish steel handle. Notable features include space-saving dimensions and the option to duct hot air into another room. Additionally, maximise efficiency with the optional coaxial flue exhaust. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and elegance with the Fine pellet stove.

TermoVana Kube 14 Pellet Stove

Pellet Stove | 12kW | Silent Function | Airtight | Cast Iron Brazier | Ductable Discover our elegant and linear TermoVana Kube 14 hermetic pellet stove featuring a ceramic top and available in three stylish colors. This powerful stove is equipped with a cast iron brazier and the option for ducting with two motors, making it ideal for heating even the largest rooms.

TermoVana Kube 9.0 Pellet Stove

Pellet Stove | 9kW | Silent Function | Airtight | Cast Iron Brazier Introducing TermoVana Kube 9.0 hermetic pellet stove with a sleek linear design. The steel cladding and ceramic top detail add an elegant touch, making it a perfect fit for any type of environment. Equipped with a cast iron fire bowl, this stove offers enhanced performance for optimal heating.

TermoVana Louvre Pellet Stove

Pellet Stove | 8kW | Silent Function | Airtight | Cast Iron Brazier |  Introducing the TermoVana Louvre elegant and powerful stove with a sleek cylindrical shape and essential lines. The display allows for daily and weekly programming, providing both style and comfort for modest-sized rooms. Thanks to the sealed chamber, it complies with regulations and can be installed in any environment. A true work of art, delivering both form and function.

TermoVana Louvre PJ Pellet Stove

Pellet Stove | 8kW | Silent Function | Airtight | Cast Iron Brazier | Coaxial Exhaust Introducing the TermoVana Lourve PJ stove, now available in this Poujoulat version with coaxial exhaust. Experience first-rate performance and efficiency, combined with the captivating and refined design of the Termovana range. Behind its beauty lies a noble intent to be highly efficient and environmentally friendly. Discover the perfect blend of aesthetics and eco-consciousness in this remarkable product.

TermoVana Sofia Pellet Stove

Pellet Stove | 8kW | Silent Function | Airtight | Cast Iron Brazier Introducing the new Termovana Sofia pellet stove that encompasses all the features for optimal heating. Hermetically sealed, Eco Design 2022 compliant, and awarded the highest incentive recognised by the thermal account. Perfect for heating large spaces and maximising cost savings. The minimal design highlights chrome profiles and a coloured front, seamlessly blending into any interior style.

TermoVana Wave 8.0 Plus

Slimline Pellet Stove | 7kW | Silent Function | Airtight | Hang on Wall Discover the charming appeal of this Termovana wave compact stove, enhanced by its gracefully curved panels, which add both delicacy and functionality to its design. Effortlessly blending into any environment, this versatile stove offers wall installation options, four stylish colours to choose from, and two configurations for smoke exhaust. Despite its small size, this stove exemplifies maximum functionality and efficiency, making it a perfect choice for your heating needs.