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Meet Peggy ! The Compact and Stylish Pellet Stove from Nordica-Extraflame



Pellet Kings is thrilled to introduce a new addition to our esteemed collection of pellet stoves, the La Nordica-Extraflame Peggy Pellet Stove. Designed to bring warmth, efficiency, and style to your home, the Peggy stove is a perfect blend of traditional aesthetics and modern functionality. Learn more about this compact powerhouse here.

Why Choose the Peggy Pellet Stove?

Compact Size for the Perfect Fit:

The Peggy boasts a compact design with dimensions of only (WxHxD) 500 x 620 x 570 mm, making it an ideal choice for Irish homes and fireplaces. Its size ensures that it fits snugly into your living space, providing warmth without occupying too much room.

Traditional Styling with Modern Efficiency:

With its traditional stove aesthetics, the Peggy brings a touch of timeless charm to any room. Yet, it doesn’t skimp on performance. The stove offers a 5kW output, balancing energy efficiency with powerful heating capability, ensuring your space remains cozy and warm.

Easy Set-Up and Control:

The La Nordica-Extraflame Peggy Pellet Stove is designed for convenience, featuring user-friendly setup and control options. This means you can easily manage your home’s heating without any unnecessary complications, allowing for a comfortable and hassle-free experience.

Customisable with Three Stand Options:

Understanding the importance of versatility, the Peggy comes with three stand options, enabling you to customise its appearance to suit your home’s décor and your personal taste.

Specifications at a Glance:

  • Dimensions: 500 x 620 x 570 mm (WxHxD)
  • Output: 5kW, perfect for heating small to medium-sized spaces
  • Efficiency: High-efficiency rating, ensuring more heat with less fuel consumption
  • Fuel: Uses eco-friendly pellets for cleaner burning
  • Features: Easy control settings, customisable stands, and a compact, stylish design


The La Nordica-Extraflame Peggy Pellet Stove is more than just a heating solution; it’s an addition to your home that brings warmth, style, and efficiency. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing heating system or seeking a new, eco-friendly option, the Peggy is designed to meet your needs.

Discover the Peggy Pellet Stove and bring the warmth of tradition into your modern home. Visit us at to learn more and make it a part of your home today.

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