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Artel Mini 5s Pellet Stove

Slimline Small Pellet Stove | 5kW | WiFi Perfect for rooms up to 135 m³ With a compact and minimal design, embellished with wooden feet and “magic” glass. Thanks to the display settings that manage total operation, this stove adapts perfectly to the modern lifestyle. Suitable for all environments, MINI5 maintains the ecological and energy saving standards that have long distinguished Artel group

Artel Subtile XS6 Black Pellet Stove

Black Slimline Pellet Stove | 6kW  The Subtile XS6 is a modern stove with a very narrow depth of 250mm that enables the stove to fit into even the smallest of rooms. With an efficiency of 95% the Subtile is a highly efficient way to heat your home.The ability to have a top or rear flue outlet means gives you the freeedom to install the stove to suit your home. A 6kw nominal heat output and an efficiency of 95% ensures the Subtile is eco design 2022

EcoForest Miami Airtight Pellet Stove

Hang On Wall Airtight Pellet Stove | 6kW | WiFi Hang on wall for a super contemporary finish, The Miami model has the same specifications of Ecoforest top of the range stoves, ideal for passive houses and buildings. This pellet stove is Airtight

EcoForest Monaco Airtight Pellet Stove

Slimline Airtight Pellet Stove | 7.5kW | WiFi Slimline for a super contemporary finish, The Monaco model has the same specifications of Ecoforest top of the range stoves, ideal for passive houses and buildings. This pellet stove is Airtight with full WiFi control.

Hamco Fly Slimline Pellet Stove 10kW

Hamco Fly Slimline Pellet Stove | 10kw | optional WiFi with printed coloured glass front to heat a large room available with either red, white or black front

Kalor Antonella 5 Pellet Stove

Small & Slim air pellet stove | 5kW The Kalor Antonella 5 is a small and slim air stove with a 5kW output that's perfect for a small room. With a beautiful, simple, contemporary design and a unique side-door design feature, the Kalor Antonella 5 will work in almost any environment. It is an especially suitable solution for extremely small spaces such as apartments or small sitting rooms. All this at an exceptionally low price, this really is one of a kind.  The unique features of this product are the MAGIC glass, which when the stove is off is opaque but lets you view the flames once it is on and the wooden feet.

Kalor Quadra 6 Pellet Stove

Slimline air pellet stove | 6kW | WiFi The Kalor Quadra 6 is a 6kW Slimline Air Stove with stunning, yet simple design that would suit any interior. Available in three colours and offering efficiency of almost 96%, the Quadra 6 is a superb choice in terms of efficiency and is practical, flexible and great value for money. This model is also Wi-Fi enabled, allowing remote operation via a Smartphone App.

Nordic Fire Espa Pellet Stove

Slimline Airtight Pellet Stove | 9.8kW | WiFi | Auto Cleaning Are you looking for a pellet stove that takes up little space? Then the Espa is ideal: only 28 cm deep and equipped with a flue gas outlet at the top. Because the front is equipped with elegant panels, the Espa with steel cladding has a modern appearance. With the Espa pellet stove you can heat one room, if you want to heat an extra room? Then this model is also available as an airplus device.

Nordica Extraflame Luisella Pellet Stove


Small & Slim Pellet Stove | 4.4kW

The La Nordica Luisella Pellet Stove is highly efficient, clean burning and has automatic control with all the warmth and comfort of wood heating. With a nominal output range of 2.4kW - 4.4kW, the La Nordica Luisella pellet stove provides beautiful warmth and is suitable for any smaller room.

Punto Fuoco Lia Slim Pellet Stove

Punto Fucco Lia Pellet stove | 8kW | Space saving Slimline Suitable for heating your rooms while respecting consumption. Thanks to its characteristics and its modern design, the Lia stove brings an air of innovation into the home, furthermore the shallow shape allows installation in corridors or small rooms.
    • nominal heat output from 2.6 to 8.5 kW
    • Suitable for heating rooms up to 75 m²
    • Prepared to spread the heat to the adjacent rooms
    • Forced ventilation allows the heat to be distributed more quickly and evenly