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Kalor 98 Cast Iron 6 Pellet Stove

Room Sealed air pellet stove | 6kW | WiFi The Kalor 98 Cast Iron 6 is a 6kW air stove with Natural Convection and is certified as "room-sealed", meaning it takes no air from the room, but all through its dedicated air intake duct which can be ducted direct to outdoors. This is perfect for NZEB and Passive House homes or for where the homeowner doesn't want a pesky, combustion vent in the wall. From Kalor's premier, hermetic stove range, the 98 Cast Iron range was born. Thanks to the continuous motor combined with the combustion chamber and the brazier both in Cast Iron, the 98 Cast Iron range guarantees excellent performance and silence that makes it a completely unique market offering. The 98 Cast Iron 6 is a class leader in terms of efficiency, noise and emissions and has a robust, yet beautiful appearance which has been copied often but never equalled. This stove also has an industry-leading minimum heat output of an incredibly low 1.5kW, making it perfect for well insulated areas.