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Primato Model L Cube Outdoor Pellet Heater

Primato Model L Cube Outdoor Pellet Heater  |  Micro Gasification  |  360 Degree View  |  6kW Output Discover the elegance and innovation of the Primato MODEL L Cube, an exceptional outdoor pellet heater that embodies cutting-edge technology. With its ability to disperse an impressive 6kW of heat, this micro gasification heater is the perfect addition to your outdoor space. The cube's minimalistic design encloses a 20cm diameter borosilicate crystal tube, offering a stunning 360-degree view of the flame that is truly unique, making the MODEL L Cube a perfect design element that will enhance any outdoor setting. The modular design of the MODEL L Cube incorporates advanced technology, allowing you to add a 114cm table, making it the ideal outdoor design fire. With its innovative features and powerful output, this pellet heater will keep you warm and cozy while adding an extra touch of style to your outdoor space. Dimensions and Weight:  Height 133cm. / Circumference at the base 36cm. /  Weight 38kg Basic Model. Features: Duration with a full tank of pellets: 3 Hours Max Pellet Load: 3.5kg Max Output: 6kW Range of action: 2 meters Includes: 1 Battery Power Bank 1 bottle of Fire Gel Running Costs: €0.30 per hour @ 7kW €1.80 per 6 hours Approx 1/5 the running cost of outdoor gas heater