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Nordica Extraflame Dahiana Plus Pellet Stove

Ductable Ventilated pellet stove | 10kW Hearth, fire door and brazier in cast iron • Shell and tube exchanger • Extractable Ash compartment • High capacity pellet storage tank (~ Kg 30) • Upper room ventilation with two dedicated motors, with Comfort function • Ducting system with dedicated motor till 8 mt., thermostable, excludable • Ducting system output possibilities (Ø80 mm): rear • Wide fire vision • Ergonomic handle • Output smoke outlet possibilities: rear aligned • Extractable hearth (only by authorized assistance) • Black LCD

Nordica Extraflame Dahiana VFS Pellet Stove

Ventilated pellet stove | 10kW Features:• Cast iron door, hearth and brazier • Shell and tube heat exchanger • Smoke discharge outlet option: rear on axis • Room ventilation with 2 dedicated motors. Front air outlet option (default) or higher during installation • Room ventilation with AUTO / COMFORT function • Removable ash compartment • High capacity pellet storage tank (~ 30 kg) • The hearth can be removed by authorised service personnel • Easy Setup • Easy Control • Self Control • Display Black LCD