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Nordica Extraflame Diadema ACS Idro Pellet Boiler Stove

High Output Pellet Boiler Stove with Instant Domestic hot Water | 28kW | 25,2kW to Water Majolica covering Ash drawer Self-cleaning brazier Heat exchanger with manual cleaning system Over heating Thermostat Foreseen for external thermostat (TA) Weekly chronothermostat Remote Control Circulation Expansion tank Safety valve 3 bar Instant production of domestic hot water Expansion board for integrated system management

Nordica Extraflame Marina Idro H13 Pellet Boiler Stove

Original price was: €5,225.00.Current price is: €5,195.00.
Pellet Boiler Stove | 14kW | 13kW to Water  Features •  Nordica Extraflame Marina New “5-star” brazier • Thick steel combustion chamber • Cast iron fire door • Airtight tank • Extractable ash drawer • On/off front ventilation • Ceramic glow plug for quick ignition • PWM-controlled circulator • FPC – An innovative adaptive system for regulating and maintaining air combustion constant over time • PRO AIR SETUP. Choice of: Quiet/Regular/ Boost • Home automation integration with “Alexa” (Amazon).N.B. only with “Grey label” WiFi module – optional – and using the App Total Control 3.0. Service and “Alexa” device (Amazon) not included • Anti-condensation control • Easy Setup • Easy Control • Self Control • Self Control • Backlit IR Touch remote control • Black LCD ** Provisional data in phase of homologation