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Nordic Fire Finn Petite Pellet Stove

Traditional Style Airtight Pellet Stove | 6kW | WiFi | Auto Cleaning The Finn Petite pellet stove is the lowest pellet stove in the Nordic Fire range. With a height of 70 cm, it fits ideally under small (existing) fireplaces. This heater exudes a robust and indestructible appearance, thanks to the use of high-quality parts. At first glance, the Finn looks like a wood stove, and that's no coincidence. This small pellet stove is inspired by the successful wood stove Fjord series. The recognisable design and sturdy hinge points of the Fjord can be found on the Finn. The convection grille that distributes warm air into the room is subtly integrated between the door and the top cover. With its legs, the stove gets a cozy and light look. The curved corners provide an elegant finish, and because the sides consist almost entirely of one panel, the Finn pellet stove has a calm and harmonious character. This pellet stove is equipped with many innovative features as standard, including a convenient WIFI control that allows you to control the stove from anywhere via a mobile app. The innovative auger motor works continuously at a low speed, so that the annoying start/stop noise is no longer present. The Finn also has a relax mode for the fan, allowing you to switch it on at the lowest setting, regardless of the power on which the heater is burning. This minimises the noise level of the pellet stove to the extreme.