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Nordica Extraflame Guenda Idro Pellet Boiler Stove

Original price was: €5,875.00.Current price is: €5,845.00.
Hermetic and Ventilated Boiler pellet stove | 16,2kW | 14kW to water Nordica Extraflame Guenda Idro with Self-cleaning brazier (Brushless motor) • Ceramic igniter • Front room ventilation with dedicated motor, excludable • Brushless pellet loading gear motor • Circulator with PWM control • Air relief valve • Output smoke outlet possibilities: rear • Wide fire vision • Pressure transducer and display pressure value indication • Combustion chamber in thick steel • Ergonomic handle • Fire door and brazier in cast iron • Combustion chamber probe • Shell and tube exchanger (manual cleaning) • Thermal and pressure safety • Expansion tank • Safety valve 3 bar • Extractable ash drawer • Backlit IR touch remote control • Black LCD