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Aduro H1 Wood Burning – Pellet Hybrid Stove


Aduro H1 Wood-Pellet Hybrid Stove | 7kw | Wifi | Silent

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Aduro H1 combines environmentally friendly heating from wood pellets and the cosiness of a real fire with wood. Enjoy the dancing flames and the warm atmosphere from real logs. With a clear conscience, you can let the stove burn overnight with pellets, or heat the house when you are not at home.

The large glass area provides a 180-degree view of the flames, and with the elegant handles, the stove is given a light and modern expression. The pellet container is placed underneath the combustion chamber for easy and convenient filling of wood pellets, and it can hold approx. 13 kg of pellets.

With Aduro H1 you will have:

For Aduro H1, you can buy a special floor hearth in two parts, of which one part is put in front of the stove and can easily be removed and cleaned on both sides. It is also possible to buy a decorative top plate in soapstone or limestone, which creates a beautiful contrast to the black stove and retains the heat for a long time.

Experience Aduro H1 with 360°

Now you can see it up close. Get a better impression of Aduro H1 all the way around with your smartphone or by using the mouse if you are sitting by the computer.