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Jolly Mec I-Dea 2 Angolo Pellet Stove

Airtight Ductable Pellet Stove | 10kW | Wifi | Slimline | Silent | Built In Humidifier Jolly Mec I-DEA 2 ANGOLO encompasses all Jolly Mec’s state-of-the-art technology, and its slim depth of just 27 cm means it can be easily installed in any house. Its modern style, without visible conventional grids and superior design are enhanced by the beauty of the wide corner glass window with ample flame visibility. It is supplied in a full optional version with standard features such as the humidifier and the Wi-Fi device, allowing users to control the system when away from home. You can choose the external profile in black, white or dove grey steel, the front panel in ivory, rust, sanded soapstone, striped black tempered glass and black steel. Thanks to in-depth studies of the design and research and development department, the I-DEA 2 ANGOLO stove can be installed with the coaxial smoke outlet. I-DEA 2 ANGOLO to date is offered in 3 installation versions: rear exit (simple or coaxial) simple upper exit and in coaxial upper exit.

Jolly Mec Meltemi Pellet Stove

Airtight Ductable Pellet Stove | 12kW | 14kW | Slimline | Silent Mode Power, performance and majestic lines. The Jolly Mec MELTEMI presents multiple aspects. Available in 2 powers, 12 and 14 kW, MELTEMI satisfies the demand for power in large volumes. A single and compact line (only 45 cm deep). Few and simple controls to manage all the functions of the stove. MELTEMI has frontally a vertical and adjustable air grid. It can be installed with the rear outlet or with the simple or coaxial upper outlet. Finally MELTEMI can duct the air into the other rooms, with or without fan.