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Jolly Mec Modular Idro Insert Boiler

Jolly Mec Modular Idro Insert Boiler | 22kW | 18kW to Water | Pre-Installed Plumbing Kit | Silent. The Jolly Mec pellet fireplace that heats the whole house through the system. SYNTHESIS MODULAR IDRO has been designed to warm in autonomy or in parallel with another heat device a house of middle or big dimensions. The compact size and the organization of the different accessories make this product adaptable for renewing old fireplaces or for the creation of new structures. The refined lines and the elegant and exclusive design of the front give a wonderful view of the flame. For a better comfort and faster warming, SYNTHESIS MODULAR IDRO has a fan in order to air out the room, which can be powered on and it can be regulated, as one prefers. Practical and easy to use, all the functioning and adjusting controls can be set up using the radio remote control, supplied as standard. The hydraulic kit is also already given and already tested. Using the optional Wi-Fi system control, You can also manage the operation of the stove and adjust the temperature with a remote control using the smartphone or tablet.