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Jolly Mec V-sion Widescreen Pellet Stove

Airtight Ductable Pellet Stove | 8kW | WiFi | Widescreen | Battery Backup Option A wide-screen pellet stove with an exclusive design, clean lines and full flame view. V-SION comes from the match between advanced technology and sensory experience. The three-side ceramic glass door allows to fully enjoying the charm of the flame. A product with a minimalist design able to give an exclusive atmosphere to the room. The breakthrough technology allows high efficiency and low emissions. V-SION is designed and certified to work hermetically: the combustion air is taken from the outside without taking oxygen from the room V-SION can fit in various living arrangements by choosing the most suitable smoke output configuration: rear or upper. It can also be installed with coaxial smoke output. It is also possible to add a ducting kit to heat other rooms nearby. All commands are managed with the included touch remote control. It is also possible to add a Wi-Fi device to manage the stove from smartphone or tablet by using the specific App.