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Magikal Hevo 18 Wall Mounted Pellet Boiler

Wall Mounted Pellet Boiler  |  18kW  | Instant Domestic Hot Water The only wall-mounted central heating pellet stove Due to its compact size, 900 x 540 x 450 mm (H x W x D), this is the smallest wall-mounted central heating pellet stove. K-temperature sensor System with K-type temperature sensor. Located in the combustion chamber, to ensure reactivity control and immediate combustion, reducing energy consumption. Hermetic combustion The hermetic combustion system ensures that optimum combustion can take place and condensation in the stove can be avoided. Insulation The stove is insulated by high thermal insulation to reduce the heat dissipation into the environment. Automatic round burner It is a patented self-cleaning round burner, which guarantees optimal and ecological combustion with low emissions. The self-cleaning is managed by a system of electronic control that eliminates the maintenance of the burner and completely ensures maximum comfort. Very fast combustion start The quartz glow plug ensures an immediate start of combustion, avoiding a completely failed ignition. This glow plug is also suitable for a slightly lower quality fuel, which guarantees lower consumption and more reliability. Automatic cleaning This ensures high combustion efficiency. The cleaning is managed by a system of electronic control that ensures that minimal maintenance is required.